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BillingFiles manages your purchases

BillingFiles its an amazing shopping receipt manager. Most of tools like this are difficult to use and force you to fill a lot of data in in order to catalogue products, so that it makes it almost impossible to quickly access to a product information.

BillingFiles simplifies, in a precise and powerful way, the task of having an archive of our purchases and lets us search (by description or serial number) just by opening the application. Regardless of the warranty left of our products, BilllingFiles puts them into groups depending on whether they have 1, 2 or 3 years left, taking the date of purchase as the starting point. Each product has a color assigned (the same as in a traffic light: green, yellow and red) so that at first sight we realise if a product is under the warranty period or not, or if it is about to end and we d like to buy a warranty extension.

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